Company Profile

Our commitment to satisfy the various needs of our customers has been part of our role in the industry since our inception in 1988 as Himsons Plasticizers Private Limited, a manufacturer of different grades of Micronized Precipitated Silica (Anti-Blocks) used to manufacture various grades of Polymers like Polypropylene (P.P.) and linear low density Polyethylene (L.L.D.P.E.).

Starting at a very modest scale in polymer industry, we have steadily expanded over the years and are currently the sole producer of Micronized Silica in India. A learning and growing organization, this vision-driven group encourages a culture that promotes excellence and rewards entrepreneurship. It endeavors to make the workplace a source of creativity, innovation and self-fulfillment for all employees by fostering a corporate culture with a high level of commitment.

The Himsons Plasticizers Company was established in 1988 by Shri Himatlal P. Mehta to expand the family business in the manufacturing sector. Himsons is a centralized, professionally managed and responsive organization, supported by an experienced management team.

Since more than past 25 years, we are manufacturing this product and we take pride in supplying it to all major manufacturers of P.P. and L.L.D.P.E in India.


Our Strengths

1.   ISO 9001-2008 certified company

2.  Well established, trustworthy, reliable company with experienced management team

3.   Always get fresh material

4.   Superior quality product (import substitute product)

5.   Product design as per your requirement

6.   Speedy, efficient & prompt service

7.   Ready availability of material

8.   Timely delivery at short notice

9.   Keeping of sufficient stock on customer behalf

10. In house research and development

11. Sound infrastructure base

12. Excellent industrial relations

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to consistently and timely deliver superior quality products to ensure maximum consumer satisfaction. To constantly grow by supplying our product to domestic as well as international firms. Since, we work safely and take conscious effort to protect the environment, ensure consumer satisfaction, constantly improve and innovate, our vision is to emerge as the top Indian manufacturer of precipitate silica supplying worldwide.


With HIMSONS quality is a way of life. It is an uncompromising commitment to their very existence. The production facilities ensure that nothing less than the best roll out of the factory.

Quality control begins when the raw materials enter the production floors. During the process of manufacturing, stringent control procedures are followed. Finished products are tested to conform to international specifications prior to dispatch.

A full-fledged laboratory equipped with Computerized Malvern Laser Particle Size Analyzer and other sophisticated instrument ensures the product quality.

With the necessary quality control equipment in place, tests are performed regularly and recorded meticulously and the samples are preserved for a period of time in good storage conditions.


1.  To maintain Purity & Quality of our product, we always procure purest of raw material from reputed manufacturers.

2.  Our well equipped laboratory with Malvern Laser Particle Size Analyzer & other testing facilities for all parameters ensures that a supreme quality product is delivered to our customers.

3.  Our entirely systematic & organized production process ensures strict and consistent adherence to quality and service of our product.


HIMSONS have established, documented, implemented & maintain the QMS, aiming at ensuring customer satisfaction consistently. Continual improvements of its effectiveness in accordance with the requirements of the International standard are carried out to enhance customer satisfaction & to provide assurance to the customer about product quality.

Further, we are pleased to inform that Himsons Plasticizers is an ISO 9001 certified company since 2004 and we have obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification from Bureau Veritas.



HIMSONS is a strong believer of the saying “The success of a company depends on its workplace”. Dedication and sincerity comes only with the feeling that the company cares for you. Keeping this in view, HIMSONS takes utmost care of its employees enabling them to perform better with each passing day.


The management of HIMSONS is committed to environment protection. Substantial resources have been committed to environmental impact assessment and environmental protection management. The zero disposals ensure that the surroundings do not get polluted. Furthermore, powder dust spreading in the company is also continuously monitored. A lush spread of greenery surrounds the entire campus providing harmony between environment and technology.