Himsons Silica is a synthetic amorphous precipitated micronized silica product. It is produced in a precisely controlled environment using state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. Highly qualified and experienced personnel man each and every stage of the production process to ensure that every single batch of Himsons Silica conforms to specified standards.


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Furthermore, we are specialists at manufacturing customised grades of Silica to cater to your needs.

Special Features

1.   Himsons Silica is a snow-white, light and free flowing powder. It has an amorphous structure which is quite in contrast to that of crystalline silica. 

2.   Himsons Silica’s refractive index is close to that of most plastics and resins.

3.   Himsons Silica has a high absorption ability.

4.   Himsons Silica imparts strength and toughness.

5.   Himsons Silica has a low abrasive value.

6.   A high degree of purity makes Himsons Silica ideal for plastics used in food packaging.

7.   The low density, high surface area and uniform size of Himsons Silica ensures easy dispersibility.